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Nonfunctional Insubordination (a.k.a. N.I.) was the first full-length album by The Vun Duns. Numbered VUN 1.0, and was completed in November of 2002, the day before Thanksgiving. Previous EPs notwithstanding, it was the first true album released by the band, displaying somewhat of a retro industrial feel. This LP is to blame for the band being referred to as "An 80's new wave band stuck in the 21st century."

After a few years in moth balls, we are pleased to make this entire album available to you at no charge! This piece should be best viewed as a time capsule, much like hearing Trent Reznor in Option 30. Right-click the track names to save the Weed files [WMA format], or just click to open.


1. Shorter (1:52)
2. My Name Was Jim (4:54)
3. Elektra Spektra (2:55)
4. West End (2:49)
5. Nobody Wants Me (5:20)
6. Trudging (3:36)
7. Elapse (4:18)
8. Chain Reaction (4:20)
9. The Tides Are Nigh (1:51)
10. Theta (4:20)
11. Deafening Silence (2:23)
12. The Gleaming (3:36)
13. Escape (6:00)
14. Chant (4:12)
15. Verge of Eccentricity (4:10)

xx. Huge Ass Gun [extra track] (1:42)

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An EP of sanguine proportions

Includes 3 versions of Theta
and 3 new whatnots

1. Theta (radio edit)
2. Theta (gates)
4. Broken Softly
5. Theta (glass)
6. Sirius Song

2002 The Vun Duns. All rights reserved, no vacancy. If you want to rent a right for a night, you'll have to wait a long, long time.