D R E A D S T A R   | yeah.

The Soho Dolls   |  London-based sirens kick you in the teeth

tweaker   |  Chris Vrenna's eccentric brainchild

Skillet   |  To quote, "We just want to rock your face!"

Mandy Kane   |  Australia's mischievous answer to synthpop

VAST   |  He woke up L.A.

atrophy wives   |  they don't believe in bob, but...

Sandra Hedin   |  Her burning musical passion will melt you on the inside

Ana Lovelis   |  The definition of sexy.




The Vun Duns Backstage Pass   |  A humble LiveJournal community started by our longtime accomplice, Questo

Aeon's portfolio site   |  Featuring Photoshop work, 3D work, and of course, audio show-off.

Questo's portfolio site   |  Featuring voice acting, funny pictures(coming soon), and Baby Werewolves(coming June 10th 2006 or sooner). 




GameFAQs   |  For when you just don't know what to do.   |  ...asdf.