Darkest Before The Darker - October 26th, 2006 {~KenCho}

Well, as much as we may not have wanted it to, it had to happen eventually; The Vun Duns are hanging up their Drum & Bugle Corps hats, putting out the final cigarette and downing the last shot of Yellow Tail. After six years of ups and downs, essentially the members outgrew the project and, looking for a way to relieve their cramped wingspan, moved on.

Before we let the balloons fly away forever, we're celebrating the end of the past and the beginning of the future in two ways:

1. A goofy video montage of various shenannigans, to be found here
2. Purgatory: A remix album sporting a few original tracks

No news yet as to Purgatory's release, but expect it within the next month or so. And above all else, realize that this indefinite hiatus isn't necessarily indefinite - just for the forseeable future. When that gets here, the future after THAT future might look very different, so... who knows?

Suspended Animation - January 23rd, 2006 {~KenCho}

Quick note to officially declare the obvious: The Vun Duns have been and are currently on hiatus while its members pursue individual projects and personal matters. Do not despair; we will be back, and stronger than ever.

Merry Christmas - December 18th, 2005 {~Questo}

We'd like to wish all of our fans a merry Christmas, a happy Hannukka, a kick-ass Kwanzaa, a funky Festivus, a damned-good December, etc., etc.
Yes, I opened Mozilla Composer just to do that.

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